Channeled drawing of
Sharon's Spirit Guide
Quartz crystal points
may be used to
release you from and
clear an emotional
wave you may be
stuck in.
Some of the crystals
and gem stones that
may be used on you to
clear and replenish
your aura
Selenite wands may
be used to heal your
central core and
sheath and coil.
These two pictures show
people using Touch for
Health Kinesiology
                   Touch For health Kinesiology:
This type of kinesiology restores the body to its natural state of health.
It uses muscle monitoring combined with Chinese medicine in order to diagnose and correct energy
in the body.
It can:
Increase energy and vitality
Prevent illness
Improve posture
Relieve physical and mental pain and tension
Release and manage emotions and stress
Enhance brain function and co-ordination
Discover individual nutritional needs and sensitivities
            Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Explores the relationship between how a person thinks, how they communicate both verbally and non-
verbally, and their patterns of behaviour.
NLP is a behavioural technique that teaches people to change or adopt new behaviours as required and
to choose their mental and physical states of wellbeing.
Essentially, it is about knowing what is happening inside yourself and others.
    Some of the benefits of N.L.P:
  • Improves self confidence and helps you to be more self assured
  • Creates a more positive outlook on your life so you feel different so then you can achieve goals
    and ambitions
  • Learn to become a master communicator
  • Releases traumas
  • Clear phobias
  • Enables you to become more successful at what you do
                              Energy Healing:
Is designed to restore the harmony, energy, and balance within the human energy field through the
medium of touch.
The specific touch used will influence the energy system.
It is a gentle and non-invasive technique in which our hands are used to:
  • clear, energise and balance your energy field
  • heal any holes in your aura
  • clear your chakras,
  • heal the grid systems and the layers and subtle bodies of your energy body.
                              Crystal Therapy:
Crystal therapy uses Crystals to enhance mental, spiritual and physical healing.
The crystals and gems possess natural earth energies that can positively affect imbalances in the
human energy fields
, thus promoting health and wellbeing.
Crystals are placed around the body or on specific energy points and the persons body accepts the
vibrations that the crystals have to offer, whether consciously or unconsciously.
The interaction between the crystals vibrations and the clients body vibrations brings about a
relaxing healing to all levels of a person.
                                Health Kinesiology
Health kinesiology is a non-invasive method using muscle feedback and body awareness that can help you
reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, at work, at home, in sports, in relationships and
promotes health and well being.

It works on the same underlying energy blueprint, including the meridian system as traditional Chinese
Imbalances in this energy system can often lead on to chronic or acute disease. The flow of
energy running through these meridians can be disturbed by imbalances in virtually any aspect of life: nutrition,
emotions thoughts, relationships, environmental chemicals, electromagnetic pollution,trauma etc.

In HK we use muscle-testing to monitor the energy system.
To correct an out of balance energy system we use
simple touch on energy reflex points, this is often
combined with carefully chosen stresses such as:
thoughts, magnets, homopathic virals, allergens, colour, sound etc.
We also use nutrition, rest, exercise, affirmations, energy toning exercises and much more to help achieve
energy balance these things are often done at home to assist the work done in the sessions.

In HK as in traditional oriental medicine, the focus is on the energy system knowing that only when the body is
in balance can the
body overcome both physical and psychological disease.

Health Kinesiology is used to address issues like:
  • Disturbed reactions to food
  • Food intolerances
  • Nutritional concerns
  • Detoxification
  • Emotional & physical stress
  • Low energy and chronic fatique
  • Digestive and hormonal problems
  • Effects of trauma from near and distant past
  • Impediments to learning, creativity, & perfomances
  • Psychological & relationship troubles
  • Electromagnetic distress
  • among many others
   Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel and Future Oracle
                        Tarot Card Readings:
  • You will learn who your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are.  
  • What area of your life they are their to help you with e.g protection, career, relationships, family.
  • Learning their names means you can individually call in a guide and ask for assistance in a certain
    area of your life that you need help or insight with.
  • Also you will learn if you have been with them before and what relationship you have had with them,
    some times it is like meeting an old friend.
  • The guides may also give messages on areas of your life you may need to change and or heal
    which can often include past lives issues.
  • A reading of the Oracle Tarot Cards about your future and any issues you may want to  look into
    with the Oracle Tarot Cards.
         House and Business Clearing and Blessing:
  • Homes and Businesses have an energy field just like people, they hold onto all the energy of the
    people that have lived or worked in them.

  • Therefore if there was happiness then happiness will remain but so can the energy of sadness,
    anger, business failure, relationship breakups these can effect your home and business
    environment in a negative way.

  • Spirit beings who are lost and haven't gone into the light can also affect you and your environment
    making you feel depressed, unmotivated, angry, children can be unusually naughty and not
    sleep well, you can have relationship problems, these are some of the many and varied symptoms
    that an unclear energy field can bring.
The release of lost souls and clearing the energy field of land and buildings can make people feel
happier, children more settled, business profits may increase and employees can be happier and have
better working relationships.

  • The family environment is calmer and people are more able to move forward in life.

  • Also with a clearing geopathic stress is assessed and healed if possible. This term in general means
    energies emanating from the earth that cause discomfort and ill heath in human beings:
some examples that can cause stress to humans are:
  • underground water
  • curry lines
  • fault lines
  • mineral deposits
  • energy drains
These sometimes require you to use cures some examples are; rods in the ground, colour pinned on a
wall, photographs, crystals, wood or other Artifacts placed round your home or placed their for the time
the clearing is carried out.
                How Home and  Business Clearings and Blessings work:
  • You send us either by E - mail, post a rough floor plan (doesn't have to be to scale) and a photo if
    possible of your home or business. Also information about what the issues are you want to clear and
    any history you may know of the building and or the land, recent or past.  

  • Then we work on the ethic energy of that plan using dowsing with a pendulum to clear and heal the
    energy and  use any other modalities needed.

  • If you live in Christchurch N.Z or in surrounding districts we come to your home and check it in the
    physical  This takes round 2 or more hours.

  • If you live further away we can still clear your place or business no matter where you are. We do the
    first part with the ethic energy and then write up your notes and send them to you. Then we contact
    you by E-mail and check with you how everything is after the clearing and give any instructions you
    may need to carry out at home or your business and work on any more clearing or healing that may
    be necessary for 1 to 2  hours.  
It has been shown that all the techniques we use on people,animals,houses and businesses by us Kenneth
and Sharon Cairns of Heavenly Healings help in most cases. How ever due to the spiritual nature of our
work every case is unique and may require different amounts of time and techniques to work successfully.
We do not diagnose and claim to heal illnesses we are a complimentary therapy only. We may also come
across things we have not dealt with before so we can only endeavour to do our best to help these
situations, to the best of our knowledge at the time of the session.
Should a situation arise that we cannot solve, we at heavenly healings cannot be held liable for our work  in
any way shape or form.  
Thank You
Sharon and Kenneth Cairns
                           Soul Power Kinesiology:
Soul power is about reconnecting with your soul.
During your life's experiences you can become out of harmony with the souls path and inner conflict
and disease can occur
as the alignment between soul and personality is distorted.
During a soul power treatment you realise and
release emotional issues and blockages from this life
and or previous lives.
restore the souls power by use of crystals on or around the body, using or taking Earth,Bach and
essences, colour, energy healing and clearing on the aura and chakra's and other parts of our energy
body and by using various kinesiology techniques.
It is a
deep transforming experience helping put you on your souls path again.
For an appointment call Ken or
Sharon on 0226753397
                                      Sound Healing
Sound is added by the use of tuning folks,bells and toning.
The use of sound is mostly added into a healing session when it is needed but occasionally you may use it alone.
Sound can be used as a
stress to the body which means a sound causes an imbalance in the body which we
then re-balanced using pressure points or energy healing or other modalities.
It is also used in that sound is used to
re-balance the body over a certain stress.E.G. It might mean you need
to place the tuning folk on 2 places on the large intestine meridian to clear constipation.
The tuning folks are also
great for toning, strengthening and clearing the energy body especially using the
chakra set over all the major chakra's.