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                   1:  HEALING SESSIONS WITH SHARON

*You arrive with an issue/s you want sorted e.g.. Depression and a sore left shoulder.
*I balance the body with kinesiology points to ensure accurate muscle testing.
*Then I ask the body using verbal muscle testing  for the approximate number of sessions you need to
have with me e.g. 3 session are needed. (This varies according to your issue but on average it is 3 to 5
sessions) and the time needed between sessions.
*Then we identify the energy work needed in the session by using my menu of all the different
modalities I use by muscle testing So the wisdom of your being chooses the different techniques to use.
*I establish the order the body wants to do the correction in.
*Then we simply do the energy work indicated off the menu and in the order it wants to be done in.

     Some of the gentle energy balancing techniques used may involve you:
*thinking a precise thought or emotional feeling
*having magnets, or homeopathic samples & or crystals placed on the body
*being placed in a specific body position or making a specific movement
*tuning folks may be placed onto a specific Accra-pressure point or over a chakra
*Color could be placed on the body or you look through a colour acetate
*Sniffing essential oils or having your aura swept with them
*listening to a certain sound or talking about a  certain subject or reciting something e.g. A poem
*Tasting a food
*Energy healing sent by me into your body
*Going back to and experiencing and healing a past life.
While doing this specific acupuncture points are held to re-balance the energy and restore the body’s
natural balance. No needles are involved and you remain fully clothed.
When the energy system is no longer under stress, the body/mind is free to start its own self healing,
your symptom
s are alleviated and you experience better health and well-being.
*I introduce you to your guides and angels. You learn the different areas of your life that each
guide and angel helps you with so you can call on them as you need to for different issues in
your life.

*I then bring in the information that the guides and angels tell me to give you. This is insight into
issues that may be holding you back in certain areas of your life. This is often past life issues
where you learn about past lives that need to be healed, negative beliefs that you carry,
emotions and issues you still carry from childhood and other issues that need to be cleared
away or healed.
*Often after talking with the guides if we have time we straight away heal some of the issues
that came up, e.g. Clearing the belief that life is always a struggle or healing the traumatic past
life that came up. This is done using the balancing and correcting techniques under healing
sessions above.

* If there is lots of issues to sort out then we work in healing mode as for the healing sessions
above: Working out the number of sessions needed to clear and heal the issues that come up
in the connection with the guides.

*This technique helps to highlight issues you didn't even release you had. It helps you to
understand why certain have happened in your life and give you quiet a different perspective
look at your life. Then the best of all you release and or heal these issues so you can move
forward in your life.

*If you already have meet your guides and angels before: We simply skip forward to what
messages they want to tell us and what issues they want us to work on.

The first way is: You come in with an issue/s you want to work on and heal. This is great for any
issue/s you have. Most people come for these sessions.
These session cover all the modalities I do, it works on whatever you body needs.
If however:
For children and people who are not ready yet or do not want to know guides and past lives and other
spiritual issues. I do not bring these aspects into the healing we use the health kinesiogy and other
modes of kinesiology, energy healing, NLP and whats listed under balancing techniques below. I just
leave out past lives and spirit guides, time lining to past lives and other spiritual aspects. This is still
extremely effective treatment it just works in a different way.

The second way is: If you want to know more about your self and your guides and past lives. This is
often done by my clients after they have had several other healing sessions as above.
Many of my clients that I have known for a long time that return just for a tune up say "Can I have a chat
to my guides and angels and see if there is anything I need to work on" or"what do my guides say about
this issue"?