If  you want to go on an amazing personal journey that will have  positive effects in all areas of your life
then Heavenly Healing's is  the place for you. I have had energy healing's with Sharon Cairns at  
Heavenly Healing,s since 1993.I have also completed the courses run by Heavenly Healing's.  
I bless the day that I was given Sharon's phone number.  The sessions I have had with Sharon over the
last 15 years have opened up a whole new world to me and have helped me enormously in all aspects of
my life.
Initially I was very nervous because I only knew a little bit about energy healing's from reading books
about spiritual things.  I had become curious about all things spiritual. I had visited a clairvoyant on a few
occasions, but I believed there was a lot more to the spiritual side of people and I was keen to learn
more, especially in regard to my soul energy.  Sometimes things had happened to me that didn't make
any sense and for which there was no logical  answer. I believed they were coincidences but there was
no rhyme nor reason why these coincidences happened. I wanted answers. I felt that an energy healing
was the next step for me. A friend recommended Sharon. Right from the first meeting I felt completely
comfortable with Sharon. She has an amazing gift for working with people's souls.  
Through my religion I have been taught that the soul is forever and once I started going to Sharon I
quickly discovered that what I have been taught is true: my soul is my reality and my body is the shell my
soul uses in this lifetime.  
I am a spiritual being using this lifetime to learn lessons my soul needs to continue to grow.    
Sharon has also helped numerous people that I have recommended go to her.  
Sharon's husband Kenneth is also a gifted energy healer and I have worked with him on occasions too
and found him to be very strong when stubborn spiritual problems surface and the male energy is
The courses Sharon runs are absolutely fantastic.   
I can highly recommend both the private energy healings and the courses at Heavenly Healings to
whoever reads this.  
I can guarantee that you will begin an amazing journey that will provide answers where there have been
none in the past, and you will benefit enormously and add incredible dimensions to your life.
Sharon and Kenneth bring years of practical experience into their practice to provide an eclectic and
wide ranging service.
I have been astounded with how effective their treatments are, often being concluded in one session.
I have learnt important spiritual concepts from them which have significantly helped me with my day to
day living and personal philosophy for life.
I highly recommend Heavenly Healing for all their services as I have experienced them all over the
years. Through their teachings I have learnt about my spirit guides and angels and work with them
daily to guide and support me in all areas of my life.
I use techniques from their classes to help and heal myself and my family,
I have also experienced and cleared up many past life issues that were negatively affecting this life.
I am able to keep my home energy clear and balanced through house clearings and have greatly
improved my health through the use of healing sessions and  energy mis -match and allergy testing.
New Zealand.
Sharon has helped me do energetic clearing of numerous properties and also helped me in my life
through her energy healing work.
After a session with Sharon I always feel refreshed, at peace and more connected enabling me to deal
with the practical activities of business and daily life.
I highly recommend Sharon to my clients for property clearings and to those of you who want to make
the shift to the next level in an easy and gentle way.
Cynthia Chan
Feng Shui Consultant
For an appointment call Ken and Sharon
on 0226753397
Sharon and Kenneth have worked with my energy field with NLP, Kinesiology, Past Lives, Aura My
children have also attended sessions that have created great healing and peace based on ‘things’
I couldn't make a difference too.  
I am grateful they are in my life as friends and incredible healers.
I recommend their work highly – take the step into their space you will never regret it.
Thank you.  
New Zealand
Phenomenal. After such a struggle with anxiety and depression, not to mention other issue, Heavenly
Healings absolutely changed my life, a life of suffering was converted to a life free of worry and stress.
Each session is a miracle. Each healing cures the cause that may be allowing problems to surface in
your life and it clears on the deepest level whatever it was that was causing something to show up in
your life. It treats the cause, not just the symptom. Whatever is creating your existence now can be
improved with these healings. It is truly magic and I struggle to express the magnificent changes it has
had on my mind, body, and my life. There is nothing you cannot change or work on, in any area of your
life – Heavenly Healings does this like no other therapy as it covers all methods that are required in
order to change and clear an issue. I am amazed and will continue to be so, because after trying
‘everything in the book’ (literally), it was Heavenly Healing's that was that ultimate answer that a lot of
people look for.

Jessie Kendall
"I was originally referred to Sharon at Heavenly Healings because I was having trouble gaining clarity
in my life.  I didn't know what to expect from Sharon and to be honest it's somewhat difficult to explain
what a given session may involve as each session is so bespoke - perfectly tailored to identify your
tend to over-analyze (my background is in psychology!) but in my sessions we're able to bypass my
mind and access information from my body so it's my body that identifies the issue and likewise it
knows exactly what's needed to bring it back to balance...truly amazing!  It may sound hard to believe
but if you go with an open mind you'll be surprised to see how accurately Sharon's able to get right to
the heart of the matter (in the most gentle way possible at that)!
But of course the proof is in the
pudding and therefore what's also great is that I have seen my life transform in amazing ways since
I've been seeing Sharon.  I believe these sessions are a wonderful way to help bring your body and
mind into balance."