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I was born and raised on a farm on the Canterbury planes.I loved the
outdoors and spent many hours playing with the pet lambs, helping my Dad
feed the sleep and playing with friends in the grain silos.
When I left school I worked on my Dads farms for a year then a dairy farm in
the Waikato for a year. I then attended Lincoln College and did a Diploma in
Agriculture and Diploma in Farm Management.
I then worked on my parents farm for 3 years
It was during these years I find the spiritual side of my life and all about my
spirit guides and started having visions of things before they happened so I
decided to explore this more and learn how to use it and practised lots of
readings and went to many spiritual events.
Then the travel bug got me and I went travelling overseas.
I lived in England for 2.5 years and 1 year in New Mexico in the USA.
After returning home my focus had changed and I decided to set my sites on
a career in the healing field.
I ran courses on Meditation,healing and spiritual awakening and I trained in
N.L.P. And Touch for Health and Healing Touch and Soul Power
Kinesiology over the years.
In 2010  I started training in Health kinesiology and in May 2013 I qualified
as a Health Kinesiology Practitioner.
Now I am training to be a homeopath -( a four year mission)

It is very exciting for me to put all these therapies under the umbrella of
kinesiology and place them on my working menu. I have many techniques to
use on clients that make a real difference to there lives and my life and my
families life.

I remember one morning not long after doing the health kinesiology ( HK 2)
course I had milk 2 mornings in a row for breakfast. I was always bothered
with an intolerance to milk but had not known how to fix it. At about 9am I
was so tired all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep. I decided it was
time to deal with it and applied my new knowledge from the H K 2 course to
I did the energy corrections on myself for the intolerance to milk. This meant
for me I could not have milk for 3 months and had to use an alternatives but
after that time I slowly added in regular milk over a month.  Now 3 years
later I can have it whenever I want and I have no reaction to it. I never had
that same drained feeling again. So I was hooked and many miracles for me
and my family have happened since.

Over the psst 20 year I have seen many people of all ages with a wide
range of issues and enjoy seeing and hearing of the benefits that the
different modalities bring. Weather it is reducing an intolerance to milk,
improving self confidence, healing a trauma, introducing them to their spirit
guides or  doing a spirit clearing and healing of a house before shifting into

*Health Kinesiology Certified Practitioner (Levels

*Certificates in Touch for Health 1-4

*NLP Practitioner

*Time line therapist

*Certificates in Soul Power kinesiology (Levels 1-3)

*Certificates in Touch for health (Levels 1-3)

*Anatomy and physiology level 3
I was born and raised in Christchurch. I had a rough start to life being born 7
weeks premature and weighing only 4lbs 2 onces! As a result I have Cerebral
Palsy which affects my balance.
This start to my life although challenging has brought me into the natural
medicine field where I endeavoured to find things that could help me
overcome health challenges in my life.
During my teenage years my family moved into a rented house. Standing
outside before we moved in i sensed there was something wrong with the
house i didn't want to move in.
I had to and it always felt cold and spooky. The dog acted strangely from the
time we moved in and later after some investigation by the family we found
someone had been murdered in the house.  
At first I was frightened living in the house but over time I realised  that instead
of being scared I needed to understand what this was and started to learn
about spirit clearings and healing your living environment
This all taught me that the spirit world existed and that I could sense it and
now I have learnt to work with it I am no longer scared instead I  help other
people with similar situations.
I worked for many years as a gardener.
Then I decided on a change in career and did courses in crystal therapy and
energy healing and learnt more about house clearings and learnt Reiki 1.
When I first met Sharon I did all her Meditation, Healing and Spiritual
Awakening courses
This is where I met my Spirit guides and Angels this connection with them
added a whole new dimension to my healing's and later we did the healing
touch classes together.

Now after 20 years of experience I still love helping people.


              * Healing Touch Certificates level 1-3
*                       * Crystal Therapy Certificates
              * Reiki 1
              * Touch for health Levels 1& 2                                      
              * Energy Healing Certificates
              * Meditation, Healing & Spiritual  Awakening Certificates